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Our lighting adds to the feel of the room while the DJ is in the mix. You will find the best uplighting, and the colors will fit the mood.  If there is a slow song playing, our lights will have your guests in the right mood for that belly rubbing music. Look out when the jam comes back up!! Our lighting gets the party going!!  Included in our lighting equipment, we have monograms, concert-style lighting, and pin spotlighting for your added options. Click here to find out more about event lighting Lighting

The perfect lighting for an elegant event is the quintessential accent to illuminate the guest’s senses. A vibrant hue of green color or deep shade of blue light beaming up from the ground and along the walls can have a profound effect on any indoor or outdoor event. Common lighting uses like par cans, LEDs, intelligent lighting, lasers and fog effects are typically used to accentuate the atmosphere of an event. At Avant DJs, we specialize in chic, innovative lighting for events of all kinds.


The epitome of Avant DJs lighting services includes the technique of uplighting, which is an effective method of adding a dramatic effect to any elegant event. Uplighting consists of energy efficient LED lighting fixtures that brilliantly illuminate the walls, floor, curtains, and any columns that your venue may have. Additionally, we can utilize 1-watt LED uplighting bulbs to add visually rich colors and soft 

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