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Photographs are treasured items, especially when they capture the fun and excitement of a celebratory event. Looking back at these images can bring you back to the event, and they also become a part of your family's history. Hiring the right Photography service is of the utmost importance when memories are concerned.

Avant Photography is available to provide you with professional photographs of your wedding, party, or corporate event. Each talented Photographer onboard has experience in capturing the right photos at just the right times. They are innovative and use their creativity to tell a story with the images they capture.

Once your event's photographs are taken, they are uploaded for you to access promptly for your viewing pleasure. They can then be downloaded from your very own personal gallery. Once you approve your photographed shots, they are yours to disperse as you see fit. You own all rights to each approved photograph. This is a desirable feature that not all photography services provide.

Wedding Photography

Each memorable wedding moment only comes once during your ceremony and reception. Our wedding photographers are focused on capturing each important highlight including candid shots of the married couple, guests, and bridal party members.

Add optional before the wedding ceremony "getting ready" photographs to focus on the anticipation of the celebration to come. Your Photographer will capture detailed images of the ceremony, cocktail hour, special dances, cake cutting, and bouquet/garter toss. Family and couple portraits are also preserved to remember those in attendance on your wedding day.

Our photographers are fun and friendly. They will guide you through the most optimal poses and will take unprompted candid shots throughout your event. We also offer wedding engagement photo sessions at the South Florida location of your choice.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photography

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